Prevost Piping System

Prevost Piping System

Prevost has become a leader in the compressed air industry through our extensive research processes, innovative designs and by listening to customer feedback. Prevost Research and Development team tailored the products to accommodate a full range of applications within the automotive and industrial sectors.
Listed below are a few examples of the air powered industries Prevost serves:
Automotive Assembly Lines: Manufacturing, paint lines, etc.
Auto Body & Service Shops: Mechanical repairs, body work, paint jobs, etc.
Plastics Processing: Injection molds
Wood: Sawmills, carpentry or joinery workshops, etc.
Textiles: Weaving, clothing manufacturing, etc.
Food and Beverage: Abattoirs, meat processing, bottling lines, dairies, etc.

Prevost products comply with a wide range of quality standards, hygiene requirements, and sustainability and performance criteria. They are specifically designed to meet the needs of this wide range of applications.


Paints with a water-soluble base require technical filtration in order to ensure a quality finish.

MICRO AIR system from Prevost offers high quality performance and guarantees a flawless finish for paint applications using water-soluble paints. From single station to full application lines the Prevost system is perfect for any size shop or facility.

Paint Booth Air Hoses 
Prevost STOFLEX series of hose meets all the requirements for paint applications: Anti-static | Silicone-free | Great flexibility | Heat resistance (up to 212F)

The safety features of this hose makes it one of the most sought after in the industry.

Full Coupling Line
Light weight, safe and easy to use are a must for paint application. Consistent flow from prevoS1, quick safety coupling will not only improve efficiency, it is :

Anti-static | Non-scratchand | Compatible with ATEX standard

The prevoS1 is a must have line for any paint or body shop.


Air Powered Tool Safety

Prevost’s top priority is user safety.  The Prevost developed prevoS1 quick safety coupling range guarantees a controlled pressure release of air without the risk of “hose whip” or accidental disconnection. Operators can now change out their air powered tools in complete safety and in one risk free step.

The prevoS1 meets the ISO 4414 standard for user safety. To protect delicate work surfaces the prevoS1 body is made of lightweight and non-scratch composite.

Quickly Identify Profiles of Couplings

The quick connect prevoS1 safety couplings are color coded for easy identification. Easy to to choose size and profile, fast.

Efficiency and Safety

workshop can be a dangerous place, especially for tripping hazards. Keep hoses off the floor with Prevost hose reels. They are heavy duty and an easy way to store hoses off the ground to eliminate accidental falls.



Many woodshops are often subject to harsh conditions. To withstand the toughest environments, Prevost developed the AIRCA air hose with a heavy duty tube which is resistant to abrasions and lubricants while maintaining good flexibility, even at low temperatures.


Air Power Conncetions

The machinery and couplings in textile manufacturing facilities, especially looms, must be clean at all times to avoid stains on the fabric being produced. PREVOST developed the body of the prevoS1 quick safety coupling from composite material that will not mark fabric.

Not only does the prevoS1 meet all the safety requirements of ISO 4414 for user safety, it is also ergonomically friendly, durable and lightweight. The body is non-scratch and will protect delicate work surfaces.


CONEX stainless steel push in fittings are ideal for pneumatic packaging and bottling machines.

They are designed to be used in both the machinery and pneumatic units. In order to meet food-grade requirements, CONEX fittings are made of 316 stainless steel and fitted with Viton seals.

PREVOST’s MICRO AIR activated carbon filters produce the highest quality of air used for bottling beverages and complies with food processing standards.


Tools and machinery used in animal processing facilities must be tough and durable to resist the constant humidity and exposure to brine and detergents. PROXI coupling bodies are made from composite and stainless steel and were designed to withstand the aggressive conditions found in these facilities.

Cleaning processing lines calls for water connectors that are able to withstand the impact of being constantly dropped on hard floors. Not only is the ELS water connector heavy-duty, it offers the ideal flow rate needed in the production facility.

Disinfecting is crucial to reduce food borne pathogens and illness. It is critical for washing equipment on lines to be made from stainless steel.

PREVOST offers a full line of stainless steel hose reels (DSFI, DRFI, DMOI, DGOI, DLOI) and a corresponding 316 stainless steel industrial water spray gun (PL JETI).


When changing out air tools at a work station, there are a few important factors: the speed and safety of connection and disconnection.

The prevoS1 coupling allows tools to be changed quickly in one simple step. It meets all requirements indicated in the ISO 4414 safety standard to protect the user, equipment and production piece from dangerous hose whip. The coupling’s consistent flow rate guarantees the tool is fully operational at all times.

On many assembly lines, workstations are mobile and so is the equipment.

PLA metal fastening plates, combined with attachment systems suitable for HEA/IPN (H or I Beams), are the ideal solution for outfitting a mobile work station. These plates can be fastened to allow safety and efficiency, while staying compliant with regulations.

Polyurethane PUS coiled hoses are extremely flexible and provide stretch and retraction capabilities. The ends are straight for easy handling and the link between the coupling and tool rotates.

Prevost Connection Technology

Prevost designs and manufactures its PPS1 100% aluminum fittings to ensure that they are the most compact and effective on the market.

Pipes are held in the fitting using a new system: the PPS Grip Concept.
The PPS Grip Concept is based on a stainless steel ring with teeth that penetrate the aluminum.
Leak tight is achieved via a new contoured and lubricated seal, with optimised design and properties.
The seal remains perfectly leaktight even under the harshest conditions.


Two Teflon coated lobes optimize fitting to be 100% leak free.


Internal parts cannot be detached from the body after assembly

Prevost Sizing Chart

Prevost Piping System flow and pipe size